Natalia Wisniewska | Caramel Sun

My name is Natalia. For the last three years I’ve lived in London, where I created a blog Nat w Londynie.

Some time ago one of my biggest dreams came true and I moved to Barcelona. I’ve wanted to live here since I was 20. That’s when I came here to do a Spanish summer course and fell in love with the city. You can say that I’m a living proof that it’s worth to dream!

I love discovering the world in my own way  and meeting new people. In my life I’ve tried various things. I worked in a London-based corporation, Polish media, and a great number of Irish and English restaurants, pubs and hotels.

I’ve always known that I would live abroad. Not because I don’t like my home country, as you may think. Quite on the contrary, living abroad has made me more patriotic than ever and I love talking about it and recommending the best places to visit to my friends (ask me anything!). However, I believe that life is too short to spend it just in one place. In that sense I feel truly European.

A couple of months ago I quit my full time job at a corporation and now I work as a freelance photographer. I’m still looking for my own way of life, I’m still trying new things. Apart from photography, I find a lot of pleasure in writing and building my business. I love to organise events and work on projects with like-minded people. I believe in horoscopes, but more in a strong will. I love the Internet, bloggers and all the things to do with visual arts.

Would you like to ask me something or just say hi? Leave a comment or email me on contact@caramelsun.com.