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Autumn in Barcelona

November 2, 2015
Barcelona weather | Caramel Sun

Autumn in London used to be very unpredictable. Sometimes you would get sunny days in October, with the temperatures reaching up to 20 degrees, and sometimes it wouldn’t stop raining for weeks.

There were days when I could wear my favourite autumn coats, scarves and ankle boots, but most of the time I would need to carry around many things with me – an umbrella, sunglasses (the sun in London can be blinding!), a hat (it’s very windy and I get sick easily) and gloves (permanently cold hands). It would be hot and sunny in the morning, and in the afternoon there would be hail falling from the sky.

In Barcelona, things are different, of course. The weather changes are not so extreme, although it might get really cold. However, after living in cold London, and before that in even colder Poland, I feel that I’ve become sort of immune to the chilly temperatures. At this time of the year, Spaniards already wear proper autumn, or even winter clothes. You can see dawn jackets, scarves, boots and long coats. For me, it’s still late summer…


October Barcelona, fashion blog | Caramel Sun
October sun in Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Autumn weather in Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Caramel Sun Barcelona | Caramel Sun


I love Vespas. They look so fashionable all year round, don’t you think?


October Caramel Sun light


How is Autumn treating you where you are?

PS As I’m writing this blog post, I look outside the window. The strong wind is bending the trees, and the sky is so dark that I can’t believe it’s 11 am. It was so warm and sunny yesterday, it’s hard to believe. I guess the changeable weather is not only the case of England!

Photography: Jorge Bravo-Pratscher

blazer: vintage (my Grandmother’s) jeans: LEE shoes: REEBOK shirt: charity shop (London) bag: Barcelona independent boutique in Raval