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Baby, it’s cold outside…or is it?

December 16, 2015
Fashion photography in Barcelona | Caramelsun

I can’t believe I’m actually going to say that. I miss the cold weather. I miss wrapping up in cosy scarfs, wearing long warm parkas and fluffy hats.

Last Sunday it got slightly chilly here in Barcelona (yay!), so I used that as an excuse to dress a bit more “wintery”. I pulled out my favourite old green parka (I bought it ages ago in Toronto in Eddie Bauer shop) from the wardrobe and wrapped myself up in a new cosy Zara scarf. After the sun was gone it actually got pretty cold, so it turned out to be a good choice.

Green furry parka and big scarf | Caramelsun

I’ve never thought how much moving to a new country with a different climate can influence your clothing style and rethink your shopping habits, until I moved to London.

Back in the UK I used to be prepared for every occasion, as the weather was very changeable.
Getting properly dressed in Barcelona is not easy either. I’m not talking here about the summer months of course, when it’s warm during the day and night, but about autumn and winter. During the day it gets very hot, with temperatures reaching even 19 degrees Celsius and then at night dropping to even 2 degrees. This, plus the high level of humidity makes the evenings pretty chilly. However, the public transport and restaurants have the heating on, so if you don’t walk too much on the streets, you can get away wearing a thin coat. By the way, I finally understand why coats in Zara and Mango are so thin!


December fashion in Barcelona | Caramelsun

Green furry parka | Caramelsun
I’m going home for Christmas and I really can’t wait to smell the frosty air and feel my cheeks getting rosy from the cold on. It’s going to be a much appreciated winter time, one I’ve been longing for.

Fashion photography in Barcelona | Caramelsun


Do you prefer a mild winter or a cold one?


parka: Eddie Bauer scarf: Zara jeans: Lee shoes: Reebok
photo: Jorge Bravo-Pratscher

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