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November 2, 2016
Emporda | Caramel Sun

This year the summer in Costa Brava was incredibly long and hot. It felt like forever and I was kind of tired of constant high temperatures, until… the autumn came. Now, with the fresh and crisp air in the evenings and shorter days I already miss it. Living in Barcelona really spoils you, I swear.

Summer girls


In the last weeks of summer we went to visit a friend who was staying in Costa Brava, precisely in Empordà, a beautiful region of Catalunya with vineyards and fields. Her house was located on top of a hill and we could see all the fields unfolding in front of us. It was truly magical, especially at sunset.




I took this opportunity to take photos of my dearest friend, Milena.




I experimented here with double exposure. To learn more about this Canon 5d Mark iii feature, watch my video (in Polish).



We ended the evening with home made seafood and – of course – local wine. After the sunset we watched the shooting stars. There is no light pollution, so you can perfectly see the Milky Way and all the constellations! Ohh I miss that place, I can’t wait for another summer.