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Cadaqués, an artists’ town

December 7, 2015
Cadaques view |

Cadaqués is one of these places which are worth visiting after the summer season. Wandering the empty and windy streets of this little coastal town, you can feel the true artistic spirit in the air.

It’s not easy to get there. You need to drive down the curvy, quite narrow roads for about half an hour. Even though I don’t normally suffer from the motion sickness, this time I felt really dizzy.

But once you’re there, it’s fine. The beauty of Cadaqués will make you stop and look at every corner of the town and forget about your dizziness.
Cadaques view |

Cadaqués in December |
Cadaqués is a city of artists. Salvador Dalí often visited the town in his childhood and later on it played an important role in his career. Also artists like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Walt Disney and Marcel Duchamp, to name just a few, stayed there.

Art is literally everywhere.
Salvador Dali in Cadaques |

Cadaques paintings on the walls |

Cadaques art on the walls |

Cadaques painting frame |

Cadaquez flower pot |
Even the cat looked artistic.
Cadaques cat |

I need to get one of these pots for my balcony.

Cadaques windows |

Cadaques ships |

I imagined myself staying in one of those white houses during winter. With a fire place (it does get cold!) on, jazz played from a vinyl player and my computer. I’m sure that writing my guidebook about London would be so much easier!
Cadaques white houses |
Cadaques mountain
Do you like visiting “summer” destinations after the season? What other places would you recommend to visit in winter?