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Charity shop chic

November 13, 2015
Charity shop find |Caramel Sun

We all know what a girl does when she’s stressed or unhappy – she goes shopping. This simple activity, by some people called unhealthy, related to spending money that we don’t have, on things that we don’t need, has a magical power of bringing us back the joys of life.

Shopping is one of my greatest weaknesses. But not just a regular act of buying. For example, I hate doing weekly food shopping and I don’t particularly enjoy shopping for clothes. If there’s a “sale” sign involved, that’s obviously another thing.

But what really cheers me up, is shopping at the charity shops. Going through the items on the hangers, looking for this one unique piece, which for a mere couple of coins would be mine.

I especially love charity shops in London (I will have to create a separate post about them!). I can’t stress enough how many times they made my day. I love the fact that you give the item another life, that you don’t spend a lot of money and that you can always say “I’m not sure if I ever wear it, but oh well, at least I’m helping someone by buying it”. How cool is that?

I also believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to take much money to look good. There’s a massive difference between looking classy and wearing expensive clothes. If you’ve got a sense of style, you can look chic without breaking the bank. Add a timeless piece, like an elegant watch, red lipstick, and voila!
Charity shop find |Caramel Sun


I got this jumpsuit last summer at one of the charity stores in Fulham, London. I thought that it would be nice for a night out while on holidays in a warm place. I didn’t wear it that year, but I decided to keep it. This year, when we moved to Spain, I rediscovered it in one of the boxes and I fell in love with it again.


Charity shop thrifts | Caramel Sun

Charity shop find | Caramel Sun


I’ve never owned a jumpsuit before and I have to say I really like it. Well, perhaps except the moments when I need to powder my nose.


Rooftop photo shoot Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Rooftop photo shoot Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Buying at the charity shop is also a great way to try out a certain style. If you fall in love with it, like I did with my jumpsuit, you might want to buy a more expensive version later on.


Charity shop shopping | Caramel Sun

Barcelona from a rooftop | Caramel Sun

We went a bit crazy here.

Charity find | Caramel Sun


Are you also a fan of charity shops? What is your favourite second-hand piece?

jumpsuit: charity shop (London) watch: Casio shoes: Venezia
photo: Jorge Bravo-Pratscher

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