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Inspiring interiors – a loft house in Barcelona

November 25, 2015
Barcelona Inspiring Interiors | Caramel Sun

Houses in Barcelona have a lot of potential that unfortunately not everyone knows how to make most of. Working as an interior photographer in Barcelona, I have a rare opportunity to visit numerous apartments. Thankfully, every now and then come across some real hidden gems, like this house in Horta-Guinardó district.

Although from the outside it looked less than promising, I fell in love with it from the first sight. Behind a run-down facade which consisted of old bricks and gigantic stable-style doors, there was a beautiful loft-style modern apartment.

I’ve decided that from time to time I’m going to share with you my top Barcelona flat finds. Watch out for this space to have a sneak peak into the beautiful homes of Barcelonians.

And… next time you see an ugly building somewhere in Barcelona, remember, you might be just looking at your dream house. Appearances can be misleading!

Barcelona house loft | Caramel Sun

Barcelona inspiring loft house | Caramel Sun

Barcelona House | Caramel Sun

Barcelona Inspiring Interiors | Caramel Sun


I love the combination of the old and the new.


Barcelona house | Caramel Sun

Barcelona inspiring kitchen | Caramel Sun

Barcelona beautiful interiors | Caramel Sun


The house is tucked between two bigger buildings. The owner took good care of the garden and created a nice, intimate space to enjoy the hot days in Barcelona.
Barcelona inspiring house | Caramel Sun

Barcelona Inspiring house and garden | Caramel Sun

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