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La Taqueria – Mexican street food in Barcelona

May 7, 2015
La Taqueria Barcelona | Caramel Sun

La Taqueria in L’Eixample district has been recommended to us by at least three different people. Located on a quiet street near Sagrada Familia, it turned out to be an authentic Mexican food experience – just as its slogan says!

Still having been used to our London eating hours, which in Spain seem to be ridiculously early, we were the first evening customers, waiting at the door at 8.30pm sharp. I truly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to change my eating habits in favour of (very) late night dinners. I’m so used to having my lunch at 12 and dinner at 7pm at the latest that if I have to wait even half an hour longer, I’m simply starving which results in being grumpy and generally unhappy. In Barcelona most of the restaurants start serving dinner at 8.30-9pm. I guess I will have to learn to cope with the fact that this is already my shower time and slowly work on changing my English habits.

La Taqueria Barcelona

La Taqueria serves typical Mexican street food. The both guys who served our food were very attentive and made us feel welcome right from the start. We were explained the menu and recommended two dishes – Xochimilco [sotʃiˈmilko] – grilled cactus stripes with onion and Huitlacoche [wit͡ɬakot͡ʃe] – a mushroom which grows on the corn. Mexican vocabulary significantly differs from Spanish, so it was very helpful.

Taqueria Barcelona

Taqueria Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Empty tables – not a common sight in La Taqueria. Recently they have become so popular that they are opening the second restaurant.

Mexican food Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Xochimilco – grilled cactus stripes with white cheese and onion. I had no idea that you can eat the cactus flesh but it tasted really good!

Huitlacoche at La Taqueria | Caramel Sun

Now you might be wondering what the heck is this. Tacos with huitlacoche  – type of mushroom which grows on a corn. It might not look too delicious but trust me, it was heaven!

Mexican Street Food Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Traditional tacos with meat. It was tasty, but the meat was slightly too hard for me. My boyfriend loved it though.

La Taqueria Barcelona | Caramel Sun

All tacos are served with two tomato sauces – red (spicy) and green. Add a bit of both, spray some lime juice over your taco and enjoy!

Mexican bar in Barcelona | Caramel Sun

I also had some delicious Guava juice. It nicely balances the saltiness of the dishes.

As we were leaving, other customers arrived. Although it felt a bit quiet, we enjoyed having the whole restaurant for ourselves!

La Taqueria
Address: Passatge de Font 5
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 1pm – 4.30pm, 8.30pm – 11.30pm, Friday and Saturday 1pm – 4.30pm, 8.30pm – midnight