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Palo Alto Market

November 9, 2015
Palo Alto food truck | Caramel Sun

Palo Alto Market is a synonym of everything I like (well, except the long queues). It promotes local emerging designers, sustainable trade and small food enterprises.

We went there last Saturday with our friends. It was our second time at the market and this time there were much more stalls, move food variety and an added bonus – live music towards the end of the day.


Palo Alto entrance Barcelona

Palo Alto Barcelona | Caramel Sun

Palo Alto food truck | Caramel Sun


Feeling a bit under the weather after last night’s late night dinner, all of us were striving for some filling, warm comfort food. After a short walk (or rather pushing our way through the crowd), we found a perfect food truck, which was serving Venezuelan cachapas.

Despite the long queue, we didn’t give up.


Palo Alto Venezuelan cachapas | Caramel Sun


Cachapa is a Venezuelan or Colombian pancake made of corn flour, water and milk. It is normally served with queso de mano, a Venezuelan white cheese.


Palo Alto cachaperia | Caramel Sun


We tried cachapa with queso de mano, pulled chicken and avocado, served with guasacaca (that green stuff) and spicy sauce. Guasacaca is my top choice when it comes to Latin American cuisine. I love it mainly because it contains cilantro (coriander) leaves and avocado.


Palo Alto Barcelona food - cachapa | Caramel Sun


Feeling much better (if you’re feeling hangover, try a cachapa, seriously), we strolled among the green trees.


Palo Alto Market | Barcelona


Oh, hello cutie.


Palo Alto Market | Caramel Sun


We went inside to have a look at the designers’ market.


Palo Alto designers | Caramel Sun

Palo Alto Market designers | Caramel Sun


I fell in love with these pillows.


Palo Alto Market design | Caramel Sun


And these shirts from Brava Fabrics. Not only I adore those cheeky patterns , but also the idea that they are designed and produced in Barcelona’s local workshops and use only fair trade cotton.


Palo Alto Brava Fabrics | Caramel Sun


Then it was time for a yummy desert. Unfortunately, after devouring the cachapa, we were too full to eat anything else. Next time I’ll try their carrot cake.


Palo Alto cakes | Caramel Sun


The Palo Alto Market is happening on the first weekend of each month in Poble Nou district, Carrer dels Pellaires, 30. The next one is taking place on the 5th and 6th of December. Make sure you don’t miss it if you’re in Barcelona at that time!

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