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Słowiński National Park and its endless dunes

June 1, 2016
Dunes in Leba Poland | Caramelsun

I love Poland in spring. If you’re lucky with the weather, you will enjoy the beautiful green nature everywhere you go. There are so many unspoilt places to visit! This time we’ve been blessed with sunny days and we are trying to make the most of them, so when Basia and Marko invited us on a trip to Łeba we couldn’t refuse.

Łeba [ˈwɛba] is a small town in Northern Poland, near the sea. It is known for Słowiński National Park, which is located next to it. The park is home to “moving dunes”, a curiosity of nature. They are being blown by the wind inland 3 to 10 meters every year. The dunes can be as high as 30 metres and sometimes they remind me of a desert.

To get there you preferably need a car. You will get to Łeba and from there follow the signs to “Słowiński Park Narodowy”. You will then need to leave your car at the car park and either walk to the dunes (almost 6km walk one way) or rent a bike or jump on a little electric car. Have some cash prepared. The bike costs 9PLN/hour and the bus 15PLN/one way per person. I would recommend you to rent a bike as the road to the dunes is very pleasant. It leads through the pine forest which smells beautifully.


Cycling in Leba | Caramelsun

Cycling to dunes in Leba | Caramelsun


As you reach the end of the path, you will have to leave your bike and climb up the dunes.


Dunes in Poland | Caramelsun


The sand dunes go on and on… a true wonder of nature.


Leba dunes | Caramelsun

Dunes in Leba Poland | Caramelsun

Leba moving dunes | Caramelsun

Visiting Leba in Poland | Caramelsun


If the weather is good, you can also enjoy the wide sandy beach. Thank you guys for an amazing time and Jorge for the pictures!

Have you been to Łeba? What is your impression?