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My sweet 30

January 24, 2016
What changes after 30| Caramel Sun

So it has finally happened. The day I feared since I was 20. The twenty-something adjective doesn’t apply to me anymore. I’ve crossed the magical line. And you know what?

Nothing happened.

I’m still myself. The same Natalia.

Well, perhaps except just one thing.

On the day of my birthday I woke up with a severe ear pain, as if the membrane inside of it exploded or something. We went to the emergency unit at the hospital. It turned out I had an ear infection, they gave me an antibiotic and sent me back home.

In the evening a group of my closest friends in Barcelona organised a small party at my friend’s house. There were presents, there was wine and lots of positive vibes and love. I drank hot water with lemon all night long. I was looking forward to talking to everyone, but on that day I felt so shitty that I didn’t even do half the talking I would normally do. I was also the first one to leave my own party.

If I was 20 or 25, I would pity myself. I would be cursing the world and my bad luck. I would feel guilty. No drinking, no proper partying, not even much talking – what kind of birthday is that?

But now… It didn’t matter that much. I received so many warm messages and so much love from everyone that it kept me going longer than the wine would.

You don’t always need to please everyone. Sometimes you can let other people pamper you and just be there for you. They will do it with pleasure, trust me.

People who are your true friends will love and like you even if you’re not at your best.

It’s a relief to realise that. Welcome to the 30s club!

My sweet 30th birthday | Caramel SunPhoto: Michael Ip

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