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What to do in Seville

November 5, 2015
Patio in Sevilla | Caramel Sun

I was was going to stay in Seville only one and a half days and I found so much information about the places worth visiting, that I didn’t know what to choose. So here are my tips if you’re going there for a short period of time and want to experience the best the city has to offer.

Note on the weather: I visited Seville in mid-October. The weather was perfect for walking, it wasn’t too hot, but it wasn’t cold either. The temperatures during the day were around 18-20 degrees Celcius, slightly dropping at night. It’s a pity it was drizzling all the time, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this beautiful place.

Sevilla riverside | Caramel Sun


1. Visit Plaza de España. It was built in year 1929, when Seville hosted the Ibero-American Exposition World’s Fair. It has been used as a filming location for many movies, including “The Dictator” and “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”. It is truly spectacular. Take time to have a closer look at the decorative tiles and breathe in the beauty of this state of the art place.


Plaza Espana in Sevilla | Caramel Sun

Floor tiles Plaza Espana | Caramel Sun

Plaza Espana colours | Caramel Sun

Plaza Espana | Caramel Sun

Plaza Espana Sevilla fountain | Caramel Sun

Plaza Espana in Sevilla | Caramel Sun

Plaza Espana Sevilla | Caramel Sun
It’s worth to stay there till it gets dark to see the street lamps light up the Plaza and Maria Luisa Park with a romantic atmosphere.


Plaza Espana in Sevilla by night | Caramel Sun

Plaza de Espana night | Caramel Sun


2. Look up. Seville is full of alluring decorative elements, just walk slowly and look carefully. You will come across such beauties as these balconies! Who would have thought of decorating the bottom of balconies, so the passersby can enjoy a colourful view?


Sevilla beautiful balcony | Caramel Sun

Sevilla balcony bottom | Caramel Sun


3. Look inside. The inhabitants of Sevilla like to show off their stylish patios by leaving the entrance door open, so you can have a sneak peak.


Patio in Sevilla | Caramel Sun

Sevilla patio trees | Caramel Sun


4. Visit Alcázar of Seville. Built in the 13th century in Mudejar style, it is still partly used as a royal residence for the King of Spain, during his visits to Seville. If you have to choose one thing of what to see in Seville, choose Alcázar. It will take you to another world. The world of meticulously decorated tiles, golden ceilings and fairytale-like arches.

Tip: buy the tickets online in advance, as this attraction is very popular all year round. If you go without tickets, you might end up waiting even for 3 hours.


Alcazar Sevilla interior | Caramel Sun

Alcazar in Sevilla | Caramel Sun

Tiles of Alcazar in Seville | Caramel Sun

Alcazar Sevilla | Caramel Sun

Alcazar Sevilla inside | Caramel Sun

Alcazar in Seville | Caramel Sun

Alcazar Sevilla ceiling | Caramel Sun


Take your time to walk around the gardens of Alcazar. Even if you’re not lucky with the weather (like me), they still look like a dream.


Alcazar gardens in the rain Seville | Caramel Sun


Just look at this bench.


Alcazar garden bench | Caramel Sun

Alcazar Seville | Caramel Sun


5. Eat churros. This delicious, crispy fried-dough pastry is a typical sweet snack in the South of Spain. It is served with a chocolate dip, sugar and cinnamon or just sugar. I’m a big fan of cinnamon, so my choice was obvious, but feel free to try them anyway you like! Just beware: they are addictive, and quite heavy, so if you’re on a diet, better watch out!


Churros | Caramel Sun


You can buy them literally everywhere you turn, just look for a “churrería” sign and dive in!


6. Try tapas. Streets of Seville are full of busy cafes, bars and restaurants. I usually avoid the ones which have a big sign in English saying “real Spanish tapas” and go for the most local-looking place I can find, though it might be hard in the city center.

Tapas in Seville | Caramel Sun


9. Get inspiration by admiring the beautiful tiles. They decorate each corner of the city – the walls, the benches, and even the floors!
Tile on the floor in Seville | Caramel Sun


8. Just wander about the town. When you get tired, cover from the sun under one of thousands orange trees or just sit down on a bench at one of Seville’s plazas and observe people while sipping your sangria. Life is good, enjoy it. Just like Sevillians do.
Orange tree Seville | Caramel Sun

Seville street | Caramel Sun

Seville street | Caramel Sun

Seville evening | Caramel Sun

Have you been to Seville? What else do you think it’s worth seeing there?

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